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We are here to project the virtues of Islam and give Muslims a VOICE

ﻗُﻞْ ﻫَٰﺬِﻩِ ﺳَﺒِﻴﻠِﻲ ﺃَﺩْﻋُﻮ ﺇِﻟَﻰ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪِ ۚ ﻋَﻠَﻰٰ ﺑَﺼِﻴﺮَﺓٍ ﺃَﻧَﺎِ ﺍﺗَّﺒَﻌَﻨِﻲ ۖ ﻭَﺳُﺒْﺤَﺎﻥَ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪِ ﻭَﻣَﺎ ﺃَﻧَﺎ ﻣِﻦَ ﺍﻟْﻤُﺸْﺮِﻛِﻴﻦَ

Say: `This is my way; I call to Allah with sure knowledge, I and those who follow me. To Allah be glory! And I am not one of the polytheists.” (12:108)

Qur. 12 v 108

Muslim Spouse Seekers Forum (M.S.S.F)

In adherence with Allah's injuction that every Muslim should marry fellow Muslim, kindly contact Muslim Spouse Seekers Forum if you are ready for Nikkah and need a Muslim man/lady as potential husband/wife via 08030401666

"And do not marry polytheistic women until they believe. And a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist, even though she might please you. And do not marry polytheistic men [to your women] until they believe. And a believing slave is better than a polytheist, even though he might please you. Those invite [you] to the Fire, but Allah invites to Paradise and to forgiveness, by His permission. And He makes clear His verses to the people that perhaps they may remember".
(Qur'an 2 vs 221)

21st September, 2018 SPOUSE SEEKERS( MSSF) UPDATE:

The list of clients is growing daily which is a clear indication that Muslims and Islam should not turn blind eye nor deaf ear to the issue of Muslims seeking spouses within the fold of the religion

Ihidina sirotalli mustakeem thats my prayer daily

Dear brother and sister in Islam, MSSF wishes to introduce serious-minded muslim spouse seekers(male and female below)
Pls check the profiles of the clients below.

Kindly note the number on the list below where you can find a Muslim brother or sister with the profile that you like.

Kindly introduce yourself while indicating interest in any of the clients:
Send such message to me directly plssss while we move to the next phase .
Pls contact 08030401666 as soon as you are ready.

If your profile is not on the list at all and you want it included, kindly get in touch pls while those already on the list should simply tell us their number on the list.

However,pls note that any client either male or female who is not mature in the handling of issues on this platform or issues with his or her potential spouse will be removed and will not be reconsidered.Such will be regarded as one of the bad eggs in islam.

Every client especially female should also endeavour to carry us along as soon as a matchmaking is done to avoid being used as tools by unscrupulous individuals who could penetrate any forum or group.

MSSF will never choose for any client but suggestions could be made based on our experience in the task of matchmaking.

Nevertheless, it behoves on us all to know that matchmaking is as risky as life itself, hence let's all pray for divine guidance(Ihidina Sirotalli Mustakeem)
Every client is guaranteed confidentiality in sha Allah

Thanks. MSSF

**** **** **** **** 1: FEMALE (FIXED IN SHA ALLAH) *AGE: 25 *Home town: Okene *State: Kogi *Academics: B.Tech *Genotype: AA *Stature: Fat and 5 feet tall *Dark in complexion *Social * She uses head scarf often, hijab nikkob sometime. She wants any man who is ready for nikkah based in either Lagos or Abuja either margins or single father or single man age 35-50

--------------------------- 2: Male seeker * 32 year old man *Graduate *State: Osun * Lives in Ado *Has a private business *Average height *Dark in complexion He wants a lady who is ready for nikkah not just courtship. Preferably a lady who uses long /big hijab and devout Muslim *Educated *From any Yoruba state.

---------------------- 3: FEMALE (FIXED IN SHA ALLAH) AGE:23 *Currently in 400 level *Hometown: Abeokuta *Genotype:AA *Robust stature *Dark in complexion *Brilliant and social(simple muslim) *Has a voice defect She wants a God fearing man who is good looking and ready for nikkah .

------------------------ 4: FEMALE (FIXED) *AGE: 25 *Hometown: Osogbo *Genotype: AA *Academics: Graduate *Stature: slim,average height *Dark in complexion *Trendy/social *very Fluent in English and vocal She wants a good looking man who is vocal and sound Preferably working class based outside Ekiti but steadfast in Islam

Age 29-33 ----------------------- 5: FEMALE AGE: 28 Hometown:Ado Working in Ibadan Tall and slim Dark in complexion OND holder Genotype: AS Has a son already She wants a responsible single man or a man with a child from any yoruba state who wants to remarry soones. The man should also be between ages 32 and 38 years old

--------------------------- 6: Male AGE: 36 From Oyo state Graduate Genotype: AA Single Fair in complexion Working in Lagos Practising Muslim He wants a lady who wants to settle for nikkah this year.

--------------------------- 7: Male AGE:36 Work: Shoemaker in Ekiti From Osun state School cert holder Chocolate in complexion 6 feet tall Single and simple Muslim Limps slightly due to an accident He wants a serious Muslim lady who is ready for nikkah soonest from any Yoruba speaking state.

-------------------------- 8: Male (REMOVED) AGE 31 Hometown: Offa,Kwara state. HND Holder Genotype : AA Chocolate in complexion Simple Muslim Lives in Kogi state He needs a practicing muslim lady between 20-23 years old from any Yoruba state. She must know how to read and write.

------------------------- 9: Female (FIXED IN SHA ALLAH) Age: 23 Hometown=ibadan Stature: Slim Complexion =fair simple Muslim Academic Qualification: OND

------------------------ 10: Female (Fixed) AGE: 27 From Kwara state Graduate Chocolate Genotype: AA Stature: slim Simple and social Muslim.

--------------------------- 11) Male (FIXED IN SHA ALLAH) *age 37 *Home town: Eyio, Ekiti state *Academic qualification: Bsc *Genotype: AS * Single *complexion: Dark *Current occupation l: Fish Farmer *Current location: Ado Ekiti * Not Married * simple Muslim

------------------------------ 12) Male (FIXED IN SHA ALLAH) Age:28yrs Home town:elerinjare,Kwara state *presently in 300 level at KWASU Genotype: AA stature:tall Complexion:light Current occupation: interlocking stones Location: kwara state I am single I am a religious man

--------------------------- 13). Male *Age: 33 *Home town:osogbo, osun state *Academics:O.N.D *Genotype: AA *Stature:Average height *Dark in complexion *Social I want a responsible lady who will love me for who I am.

---------------------------- 14) Male Age 44yrs, home town: Ilorin academic qualifications: Masters Degree holder. Genotype:As stature: not tall not short (1.68m) complexion :dark religion: strong Muslim . I had my arabic sch in Ilorin Married but no child, am a secondary school teacher (Assistant Director) in Ghana and I also have a poultry farm. My origin is Nigeria, but am a Ghanaian

--------------------- 15) REMOVED ----------------- 16) Male 44years **Graduate (UI) **Genotype- As **Married **Fair in complexion **Al_ Sunnah **From Ibadan **Occupation- Art and painting decorations ** I have children

-------------------------- 17) Male *Age: 30 *Qualification:Bsc nd msc in view *B+ *Dark in complexion *Part time lecturer *Curent Location:Enugu Marital status: single Religious stance: social and simple muslim

---------------------------- 18) Male Age 40 Occupation: Civil servant Lives in Ibadan Height: 5" 2 feet tall slim and dark in complexion From Abeokuta, HND Holder genotype -SS but I don't look like it Alhamdullilah. I'm a practicing Muslim, . Civilised simple Muslim He wants a robust or not too slim lady average height working or graduate must be matured and ready for marriage. And must be Muslim maybe scarf or cape hijab user.

------------------------------ 19) Female Age: 29years From Ayetoro yewa north in Ogun state. Academic qualification:: Graduate Genotype: AS, Stature: 5.1 tall Chocolate in complexion JUST A SIMPLE MUSLIM

------------------------- 20) Female ( FIXED IN SHA ALLAH) *Age: 30yrs *From Abeokuta *HND holder *Genotype: AS *Average height *Chocolate complexion * Robust *Lives in Lagos *Single *Simple muslim * Self employed

------------------------------- 21) Male (FIXED IN SHA ALLAH) Age,32 From Osun state Graduate Genotype:AS. Single *Lives in Ado Ekiti, *Works at an Eatery in Ado

------------------------ 22) Male Age : 35 SSCE holder Plank Seller From Ogun State Hometown:Ijebu-Igbo Single Genotype :AS Blessed with a house of his own

-------------------------- 23) Female *Age: 24 *From Offa,Kwara state *Graduate (Currently serving as NYSC) *Genotype: AA *Robust *Chocolate complexion *Based in Ilorin, *Currently lives in zaria *Single She wants a Want a God fearing man,loving and understanding man.

------------------------------ 24) Male Age 33, From Abeokuta, Graduate Genotype: AA, short and dark, Just finisihed NYSC single, Devout Muslim I practise Islam to my utmost best and I want a knowledge able woman educationally and islamically

----------------------------- 25) Male (FIXED) *Age:34 *Complexion:dark *Average height *Qualification:Bsc *working class *Religion:Islam *Single *Genotype: AA *State of origin: osun state *Current location: Lagos state I want an educated Lady who is eloquent ,vocally and religiously

-------------------------- 26). Female Age: 26 years old From Ilorin, Kwara State A graduaate currently serving(NYSC) Genotype: A. A chocolate in complexion Also a fashion designer *Single *No child *Simple Muslim. *Am tall and slim The man I desire: *A tall, huge, dark or fair handsome Man *Working class *Educated *Social *Age frm 28-35 *Religious *God fearing *Gentleman A simple Muslim man from either Kwara,Osun,Oyo,Lagos or Northern states will be prefered.

--------------------------- 27) Male Age: 32yrs From Okene town in Kogi state Academic qualification: Bsc genotype : AA Married and blessed with beautiful kid. Fair in complexion. Teacher and Artisan. Lives in Ado and Okene. Very religious. He needs a lady age between 20 and 26 She should be using hijab and should be a good Muslim from okene.

------------------------------- 28) Male Age: 50 years From Osun State Job: Imam and teaching Living In Lagos. Genotype: AA.

-------------------------- 29) Female Age: 34 Genotype: AA Single mother Working class From Ekiti Dark in complexion Robust,average height and social but uses hijab and cap regularly She needs a man between 40 and 45 who is based in Ekiti. Working class,responsible,God fearing simple Muslim, social and mature mentally He could be from any yoruba state. Must be ready for the needful.

------------------------------ 30) Male *Age: 40 but looks much younger facially and in stature *From Oyo state *Lives and works in Ekiti as a civil servant. *Married with Kids *Genotype: AS *Slim ,average height (4.8 feet tall) dark in complexion. Academic qualification:Bsc He wants an hijab using sister from any Yoruba state preferably from Oyo or Osun state who is eloquent grammartically,sound mentally and academically and steadfast religiously. Robust, Fair in complexion and at least 5 feet tall. Social and trendy. She must also be a working class and not a dependant between 28 and 35 years old and ready for mathsina.

--------------------------- 31) Female *Age: 40 years old *From Ayingba town in Kogi state. *OND Holder *Genotype: AA *Fair in complexion *Work: Outdoor catering *Lives in Abuja *Robust stature *She has never been married before and has no child She's a good and religious muslimah She wants a good Muslim man from any part of Nigeria who could be of any age and status

------------------------------- 32) Male (FIXED) *Age:30years *From Ibadan *Bsc Holder. *Genotype AS *6 feet tall and Slim *chocolate in complexion *Work: furniture maker *current location *currently living in Ado Ekiti. *Single and has no child at all. My a choice Lady Slim but not too slim I need a lady of 23-26 years She should use Hijab but not big hijab She might be tall or short but not too short coz am tall I need a lady from either osun or Ibaadan or Kogi who understands Yoruba and English She should at least have a work she is doing for a living.

------------------------------ 33) Male Age: 33 From Ekiti OND holder. I never married. Am not too tall nor short. Am a fashion designer.

------------------------------ 34) Female *age 27 *From Ekiti state *Academic qualification- B.Sc *Genotype- AA *stature - slim *complexion - fair *Reliegoius stance - simple Muslim *Self employed She needs a man that is ready for nikkah and will prefer someone that is not from Ekiti state.

----------------------------- 35) Female (FIXED) * Age: 27 *From Ekiti state *Genotype: AA *Health Tech. Graduate *Robust *Average height *Fair in complexion *Uses hijab regularly She needs a single man who is ready for nikkah from any Yoruba speaking state. He must be a working class and capable to take care of the family economically

--------------------------- 36) Female *Age: 31 *Home town:offa,Kwara state *Academic:Graduate *Genotype:AA *Stature: Robust *Complexion:Chocolate *Occupation:working class *Location:Kaduna *single *Am a practicing but simple Muslim in sha Allah I want someone who is religious and fears Allah.

--------------------- 37) Female Age : 27 From Edo state HND holder Genotype: AS Chocolate in complexion Occupation:Teaching Location: Nassrawa state

--------------------------- 38) Female 38) Male Age: 50. Average height. Profession: Alfa. Genotype :AA. Blood group : 0+ From Abeokuta, live in Abeokuta. HND holder. Divorced. I need a God Fearing and Easy going Muslim lady as wife. Preferably educated or business lady from any Yoruba state . Only the serious minded muslimah is needed pls. I have four children already from previous wife. I am an Alfa, Astrologer, Falaqi, Buruj specialist. I attend seminars, give speeches, deliver papers, and I have article in Tell magazine. I am an academic Alfa, not local/tradional Alfa. I am western and educated Alfa, I teach. I have students studying Astrology, Numerology under me. I'm not the type that sit 24hrs at home.

----------------------------- 39) Female *age 27 *From Ekiti state *Academic B.Sc *Genotype- AA *stature - slim *Dark in complexion *Reliegious stance - simple Muslim Self employed Needs a man that is ready for nikkah. Will prefer someone that is not from Ekiti state

------------------------ 40) Male * From Afin Akoko,Ondo state *HND holder *Age 31 *Self employed *Presently lives in Lokoja,Kogi state. *Sound Muslim *Dwarf in stature.

-------------------------- 41) Male (REMOVED ) Am a civil servant Blood group: AS Age:45 Height : 5ft + Normal stature ,not too tall nor too slim Complexion: chocolate Profession: Teaching Location: Emure Ekiti Marital status: Divorced Already has children Am a religious person,moshaa Allah

------------------------ 42) Male Age- 37 From Inisa, osun state. Bsc in physics electronics Genotype :AA Huge in stature Dark in complexion Clergy/alfa by profession Lives in Ado ekiti Married Have 2 children. Am very religious

--------------------------------- 43) Male Age: 32 From Ekiti Qualification: Nce, B.Ed in view Blood group:AS Stature: Average height Dark in complexion Current job: Civil servant Location: Ekiti Single No child Choice woman Simple Muslim (Chocolate/Fair in complexion and must be educated and social btw the age of 23 and 26 preferably working class

------------------------------- 44) Female (FIXED) Age. 26years From Ado ekiti Bsc holder Genotype. AA Slim Light in complexion She's an entrepreneur Lives in Ado ekiti Single Religious Average height

--------------------------------- 45) Male Age: 26 From Abeokuta, ogun state Single Devout muslim school cert(o'level) holder Currently working as security guard in Abeokuta Moderate stature Genotype :AS Chocolate in complexion Pls I want to get married to avoid zina(fornication) I need a slim well, mannered lady as wife

----------------------------------- 46) Male Age.... 45. Home town.... Offa, Kwara state. Academics.....HND Electronics/ Telecommunications Genotype...... AA. Complexion... Chocolate. Current working in the Engineering Sept of two radio stations in Ibadan. Current location.. Ibadan. Married....1 wife with 4 kids. Religious stance.... Simple muslim. In sha Allah, I want any pious, fair in complexion, educated but preferably working or business Muslimah who is ready to join the family.

------------------------------ 47) Male Age 35yrs Home town : Oyo Qualification : NCE, B. Sc(Ed) Genotype AA Blood group :O+ Average stature 1.70 metre tall Fair in complexion Current occupation :Estate agency Current location : Abeokuta Marital status : married with one child Religious stance :converted I need a muslim woman age 30-38 who is matureI

------------------------------- 48) Male (FIXED) Age: 33 Home Town : Offarese, Kwara State Residence : Lagos State University Graduate Occupation : Teaching Stature: Average Complexion : chocolate Religion : Islam Genotype : AA Need a responsible Muslim lady who's ready for marriage. she may be using hijab or not but must always cover her hair. Age range : 22-28

-------------------------------- 49) Male *age: 37 *Home town: Abeokuta *Qualification: MSc *Genotype: AA *stature: Not tall, not too short, slender but often some see me as short because of lack of macho body *complexion: Chocolate *Current occupation: Teaching *Current location: Abeokuta I prefer a woman with same/similar history i.e. purely single

---------------------------- 50) Female Age: 32 Years. Home town : Adavi in Kogi state HND Holder . Genotype = AA Blood Group is B+. Status: I am Nagative. Dark in Complexion Occupation : Private Business. Current Location : Kogi State. Marital status: Single The kind of man I desire is a man that has the fear of Allah in him, A graduate, A working Class guy, and Single man who has not married from my tribe I wish he's from my tribe (Ebira ) Or a married man who is capable of handling two women in all areas Age between 35 and 40 Tall and slim

----------------------------- 51) Male - *Age: 37 *From Okengwe in Okene LGA,Kogi state *B. Engr, mech. Genotype:AB+ *Dark in complexion * Public servant * Live in Abuja * married with three children *Am very religious Muslim *I want a very religious woman from any tribe *She must be working class.

---------- 52) Male *age 36years *Home town Ogbomosho *Academic qualification HND, PGD, * Blood group (AA,) *stature Athletic 6feet tall. *complexion Dark. *Current occupation Civil Servant/Catfish Farmer *Current location Ibadan *Married *Already has children *Reliegoius And what kind of spouse ( woman)do you desire? Religous and Ready to follow Sunnah. Working too..

-------------------------------- 53) Male *Age:44 *Location:Lagos *Qualification: Chartered Accountant, BSc (Econs), HND (Accouting) *Blood group:AS *Stature:Normal *Complexion:Dark skinned *Current job:Accountant in Oil/Gas,Lagos *Married *Has children *Very religious (Sunnah person) Choice woman: *Average height, light skinned, not fat, religious (Sunnah), educated Very much ready for Nikkah . I already have three wives. Insha Allah looking for the 4th wife

----------------------------------- 54) Male *Age: 36 *from Saki,Oyo state *Qualifi:MSc(Pol.Sci) *Bloodgroup:AA *1.71 metres tall *Light skinned *Job:Journalism. *Living in Ibadan. *Married with two kids. *Allah knows our level of Imaan but I am not a norminal Muslim. I need a graduate, with professional qualification in areas such as Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. Age: 23-28 who is Tall and light skinned.

--------------------------- 55) Male *age - 24 *Home town - Ibadan *Qua:HND computer sci. *Blood group - AA *stature - Average height *complexion - chocolate *Current occupation - freelance software developer *Current location - NYSC in Katsina * Very religious. *kind of spouse - age range: 20 - 24 - average height - very religious - chocolate or fair in complexion - educated - exposed i.e. Ability to use common technologies. preferably from any Yoruba state.

------------------------------- 56) Female Age:26 From Iragbiji, Osun State HND holder Bloodgroup: AA Slim in stature Chocolate in compexion Single and No child

----------------------------- 57) Musfada client A brother living and working in Qatar as a consultant needs a sister who is in medical line for marriage as a second wife. She could either be a doctor, nurse or related profession. He is From osun state, oshogbo.

--------------------------------- 58) Male (FIXED) Age:32 Hometown: Osogbo,but lives in Ado Bsc holder BG:AA Stature:Athletic Complexion:Dark Single Simple Religiuos muslim

-------------------------------- 59) Female Age: 29 Hometown :Idaho, Kogi state. Masters Degree holder Blood group: AA Complexion:Chocolate Current occupation:schooling Current location:Idah Single No child Simple Muslim

------------------------------------ 60) Male Age : 30 years * Home town : Ago-odo, Ogun state * HND holder * Blood group : AA * Stature : Moderate * Completion : Chocolate * Currently Working in Mowe, Ogun State. * Current Location : Isheri, Ogun state * Not married * Single : Yes * Divorced : NO * NO child * Just Simple Muslim * I need a Simple Muslim but she must be observing Solat regularly. Preferred Location: Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan & Ilorin. Preferred Tribe: Yoruba or Hausa. Age Range: 22 to 25 years

-------------------------------------- 61) Male Age: 39years old *from Oye-Ekiti *HND holder *Blood group*AA *Stature: athletic *5.6 feet tall *Chocolate complexion *Current occupation:Imam/civil servant in Ekiti. *locations: Oye/Ado Ekiti. *Already married with kids. Religious status: pure Muslim.

----------------------------------- 62) Female Age: 43 From Ilorin, Kwara state Has an 8 year old child. Divorced trader She needs a serious minded Muslim man either mathina or divorcee or widower She doesn't want a heart breaker or game player but a permanent friend for life.

--------------------------- 63) J B J B

---------------------------- 64) male Age: 28 From Aramoko in Ekiti O'level holder Chocolate complexion single Bricklayer by profession No child Very religious I want a working class lady either trade or business or civil servant.

------------------------------------ 65) Female *Age: 23 *From Ekiti state *NCE holder *Stature: Average height *Dark.in complexion *Currently running a degree course and also teaching. *Location: Lagos *Single *No child *Simple Muslim *I want a God fearing man

---_-------------------------------- 66) Male *Age : 34 *From Iragbiji in osun state *Blood group: AA *Graduate: BA *Has a personal business *Average height *chocolate in complexion

----------------------------- 67) Female *Age 28, * BSc holder *Blood group: AA * Slim and average height *chocolate complexion

*simple muslim ---------------------------------------- 68) Female (FIXED) *Age: 28yrs *From Oyo state *HND holder *Blood group AA *Chocolate in complexion *Just finished HND but learning tailoring *Lives in Ado Ekiti *Single I need a religious man dat will benefit me in dis world and in the hereafter.

--------------------------------- 69) Male *Age: 30years. *From Osun State *Blood group:AS *Dark in complexion *Occupation: Business *Lives in Gbonyin LG,Ekiti *Single *Divorced but has 1 child I need a real Muslim lady cos am a practising Muslim

---------------------------- 70) Male Age:43. Town:Ifon, Osun state. Qualification :Asari University Cairo Egypt(Arabic School) . Stature:Average height but not slim. light in complexion. Religious stance: Very Religious location :Asaba/Osogbo. Single. Choice woman I need a young, beautiful,God fearing Muslim lady who should either use scarf, veil or small cape hijab) , She must be a working class that is ready for marriage.

----------------------------- 71) Female (FIXED) *age:25 yrs *Town: Iwo,Osun state *Qualifica:Undergraduate *Blood group: AA *stature:Slim *complexion:Chocolate *Currently in 300 level *Married:No *Single:Yes *Divorced:No *No child *:Simple muslim Choice Man: *God fearing, educated, good background *He must be working class *morally upright *Age range:Btw 30-35.

-------------------------------------- 72) Male (FIXED) *age: 34 *Home town: Ado Ekiti *B.Sc holder * Blood group: AA *stature: AVERAGE HEIGHT and Slim *complexion: Dark *Current occupation: Sales Rep *Current location: Lagos *Single *No child *Simple Muslim Choice Woman *God fearing woman that is ready for nikkah probably by next year

------------------------------------- 73) Male *From Kogi state but living in Ikole Ekiti *34 years old *Not too tall *Slim *Religious *Commercial driver *O'level holder

------------------------------ 74) Male Age: 33yrs, From Osun state Lives in Ado Qualification: Bsc Blood group:AA, Average height Fair complexion Currently a poultry manager in Ado Single No child Religious, Has issue with one of his legs(limping)

------------------------------- 75) Male Age: 27 Home town: Ihima (Kogi) Academic qual..: HND, currently running B Eng. ABU 300L Blood group: AA Stature: tall not too tall about 1.7m Complexion: chocolate Current Occ.: Studying Location: Zaria Single No child yet Simple Muslim Desire a pious and faithful woman to God and

----------------------------- 76) Female *age...25 *Town-Ajaokuta,Kogi state *Qualification:BSc Accounting *Genotype :AA *stature...******** *complexion....chocolate *Working in Abuja *Current location: Abuja *Married...no *Single...Yes *Divorced....no *No child *Simple Muslim She wants a Muslim with a good heart and will not judge her by her body size

----------------------------- 77) Male Age: 48: Graduate: Occupation:Teacher: Born and living in EKITI : Father of 5 Dark Average height Needs an hijabite sister who either uses veil or big hijab . Such a lady must be ready for mathina She can be a single mother with 1 or 2 kids She must know how to read and write(educated) and capable of attending to children's school assignments.

-------------------------------- 78) Male Age.31 From Ekiti state Stature.a little fat Dark in complexion NCE holder in Arabic and Islamic studies Teaching in a school presently

---------------------------- 79) Female *age: 27 *Home town:Apomu,Osun state * Undergraduate * Blood group: AA *stature average *complexion: chocolate *Current occupation: student,baker and beadmaker *Current location:Ogbomoso *Single * No child * Just a simple Muslim that prays five times daily and uses hijab regularly. God fearing, and caring, understanding

------------------------------- 80) Male *Age: 48 yrs. *Average height, well built stature, *A bit fair in complexion *from Ekiti state *born and bred in Lagos *Happily married with 4 grown up children (3 boys, 1 girl) *Current a Lecturer. I pray for Second wife.

---------------------------- 81) Female * I'm 26year *I'm from Oyo state *NCE degree *AA *Average height *Dark in complexion *Private Business *Current location: Ilorin *I'm Single *No child *simple hijab using Muslim I need a God fearing man, average height, working class and ready for Nikkah next year insha Allah

--------------------------- 82) Male *age: 35 *Home town: Ede,Osun state *OND holder * Blood group: AA *stature: Average height *complexion: Chocolate *Current occupation: Private Business *Current location:Rivers state * Not Married *Single *No child at all *Am a simple Muslim, I want a simple Muslim lady

------------------------------------ 83) Male Age: 35 Hometown:Ibadan,Oyo state Hnd holder Blood group: AA Average height Dark in complexion Self employed Current location:Lagos Marital status:Single No child Simple Muslim

--------------------------------- 84) Male *Age: 33yrs of age *Blood group-AA *Stature- Am Slim and tall *Home town-Osogbo *Dark in complexion *Bsc holder *Current occupation: entrepreneurship *Current location: Osogbo *No Child *single *Am a practicing Muslim insha Allah

------------------------------------- 85) Male *age: 29 Home town: Auchi,Edo state Qualification: B.Tech Blood group: AA *stature: 5.5 feet tall *complexion: Fair *Current occupation:Rice Farmer *Current location: Ibadan *Single: Yes *Religious stance: Very religious I want a Religious and educated Muslim lady.

-------------------------------- 86) FRAUD,FAKE AND BLACKMAILER:PLS IGNORE

--------------------------------- 87) Female *Age: 29, *Living and working in Lagos * NCE holder *Currently running a degree program, *Genotype: AA *Blood Group: O+, *Complexion: chocolate, Current job: Teaching, *single, *No child *very religious, *I want a man that fears Allah, that practices the sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad S. A. W, *Tall and huge but not fat work.He should be from any part of South West,Nigeria but not from Ekiti, Ondo, Kogi nor Kwara state *I don't want someone that is light in complexion I am a devoted muslimah I used to snap pictures before but I have stopped taking pictures I use hijab but not big one.

------------------------------------ 88) Male age - 26 years *Home town- Ado ekiti *School Cert (O'leve) * Blood group - AA *stature 1.79 *Light in complexion *Current Job- cleric *Current location - Lagos *Single *No Child *very religious I want *a religious lady, *light in complexion. *At least NCE holder *working class with good character.

-------------------------------- 89) Male *Age: 46yrs. *From Ijebu North. *S.S.C.E holder *Not too slim, Average height *Chocolate in complexion *Currently in Lagos. *Married with children * Very Religious. *I want a religious lady , slim, not too tall, dark in complexion who is using hijab and a devout Muslimah , who is ready to join the family.

------------------------- 90) Male *Age-35 Years *Home town-Ilawe Ekiti *University Graduate * Blood group = AS *stature =Tall & Slim *complexion = Dark *Current occupation- *Current location-Ikorodu,Lagos *Single *No child *Am a counscious Muslim insha Allah

------------------------- 91) Male *Age: 23 *From: Osogbo,Osun state *Currently in 400 level *Blood group: AS *Slightly tall *Fairly Dark *Current job:Interlocking/studying *Current location:Oye Ekiti *Single *No child *Am a Muslim striving to be a Mumeen and i want a religious lady

--------------------------------- 94) Male *Age: 31 *Hometown: Ado Ekiti *NCE Holder *Blood group: AA *Stature: Average height *Complexion: chocolate *Location: Ado Ekiti *Current Job: Teaching * Single *No child at all

--------------------------------- 95) Female *Age:. 31 *Home town: Osogbo *BSC Holder *Bloodgroup: AS *Normal stature *CHOCOLATE complexion *Private Business *Currently in LAGOS *Single *Reliegoius: simple Muslim, I desire someone who is caring and ambitious and Easy going

------------------------ 96) Female *age: 26 *From Ekiti state *Bsc Holder *Genotype:AS *stature: Average height/bit robust *Dark in complexion *Current location: Ado *Single *No child * simple Muslim, *I want a man who is educated and humble

------------------------ 97) Male *age: 34 *from Kwara state *Bsc holder *Genotype:AA *Slim & Average height *Dark in omplexion *Civil servant *Current location:Lagos *Single *No child *Devout Muslim,

-------------------------------- 98) Male *age: 43 *Home town: Otun Ekiti *OND holder *Average height & stature *chocolate complexion *Current occupation *Current location: Lagos *Divorced *I already have a son *I am Very religious insha Allah I want a lady who is very knowledgeable in Islam and practising muslimah
------------------------- 99) Male (FIXED) *age: 33yrs *Home town: Ibadan *Academic qualification: Degree *Genotype: As *stature: slim and tall *complexion: Chocolate *Current occupation: Banking *Current location: Ibadan *Divorced *I already have Child but doesn't leave with me *Religious stance:Am a Simple Muslim I Need a responsible Muslim lady

--------------------------- 100) Male *Age: 32 *From Kogi state *OND just in for HND *Currently in Ado Ekiti *Work: Farming *Average Height *Chocolate in complexion

------------------------------------ 101) Male *Age- 29 *From Oye-Ekiti *Work- Generator Engineer *Current location:Akure *SSCE holder *Average stature

------------------------------------- 102) Male *Age-34 *From Abeokuta *HND holder Blood group- AA, Genotype-O+ Current job:Farming, Npower volunteer and animal consultant,

---------------------------- 103) Female *Age-28+ *Town-AwoEkiti *Bsc Holder *Genotype -AA *Stature- Moderate *Complexion- Fair *Current occupation- Trader *Current location- Ado Ekiti *Marital status- Single *Religious stance- Simple Muslim *I want a God fearing man. May not necessarily reside in nigeria.

----------------------------------- 108) Male *Age: 28 *Town: Maiduguri *ND holder *Blood group: AA *Stature: Tall 1.7 & slim *blackish complexion *Job: Teaching/ Tailoring *Location: Maiduguri *single *Religious not extremist *Want Simple muslimah who is understandable, knowledgeable and modest. *Am very hard working guy & Research is my hobby.

------------------------------ Any Muslim brother or sister who is interested in any of the clients above should please call or whatsapp 08030401666/ 08039572488 for more enquiries. Every client is guaranteed confidentiality in sha Allah.




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